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Waterman 0502 Chased

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All catalog items are guaranteed original and as described. Our fountain pens and pencils are professionally serviced to the highest standard, and are warranted to be in perfect working order unless specifically noted otherwise. Some sellers do little more than install a new sac; we take care of everything, from flushing the feed to adjusting and smoothing the nib.

We are known for our conservative grading: in many cases our "fine" is equivalent to other sellers' "excellent" or "near mint".

New items are mostly listed on an ongoing basis, at a rate of approximately 100 pens and pencils per month. Check back often, as many items sell within a day or two. Our RSS feed will automatically alert you to new items as soon as they are posted to our catalog (a good explanation of RSS can be found here).

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Virtually all catalog items are illustrated to scale. The main exceptions are larger objects such as inkwells and desk sets, as well as sets shown in their boxes. If you are unfamiliar with a particular model, take the time to check its dimensions before ordering. Our Pen Measurements Chart offers further material for comparison.

Describing how a pen writes is tough. Read about our nib grading and our writing samples here. For useful definitions of specialized pen & pencil terminology, see our Glossary. If you are new to vintage pens, be sure to read our notes on basic vintage pen care, paying particular attention to selecting a compatible ink.

All buyers should read our Terms of Sale, and take a look at our Condition Scale. Please pay particular attention to the details of our different shipping options -- delivery time can vary substantially depending on what option you choose.

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Questions about vintage pens or pencils? See our Reference/FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) pages, which also include information on care and use. To learn more about specific pens, makers, and models, take a look at our Pen Profiles. If the brand or model has not yet been treated in a profile, try our Search page. Reference book recommendations are found under Resources. For instruction sheets, see Filling Instructions.

Although we strive to offer pens and pencils in the best possible condition, we will sometimes list items with flaws -- all fully described, of course. How significant are these various flaws? Some matter mostly to collectors; others, to users. Many don't matter much at all. Find out more here.

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