One of the many advanced features of Esterbrook's fountain pens was an easily-interchangeable nib unit that screwed into the section. Many different nib types were offered; unfortunately, these can prove all too difficult to come by today.

To date, we have had good fortune in periodically finding old hoards of new old stock nib units, but these are clearly not a renewable resource! Broad, flexible, and italic/stub nibs in particular have become quite hard to find. Our current offerings offer a wide selection: don't miss out, as past experience indicates that many nib models will sell out quickly. Stock up now, while these are still available!

NOTE: All of the nib units listed below are unused and as shipped from the factory. We guarantee them to be as described, but make no assurances regarding their writing qualities. Just as with new pens today, these nibs may require some tweaking in order to give the exact ink flow and "feel" on paper that you prefer. Nib descriptions are Esterbrook's own; nibs denoted here as "flexible" will generally have significantly less flexibility than gold nibs described as flexible in our regular catalog listings. "Relief" nibs are semi-oblique italics, with their tips only slightly angled.

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Nib Unit Quantity Price
1461 (rigid fine manifold) $8
1550 (firm extra fine Bookkeeping) $8
1554 (firm fine Clerical) $8
1555 (firm fine Gregg) $8

Listed below are deluxe nibs with longer-wearing, extra-hard tipping material, from Esterbrook's Master series (9xxx), as well as harder-to-find nibs of a more calligraphic nature from the standard Durachrome series (1xxx, 2xxx).

Nib Unit Quantity Price
2314F (Relief fine stub) $25
2442 (Falcon fine stub) $30
9284 (broad Signature stub [rounded Relief]) $40
9314F (Relief fine stub) $30
9314M (Relief medium stub) $40
9460 (medium rigid Manifold) $20
9461 (fine rigid Manifold) $15
9550 (firm extra fine Posting) $12
9555 (firm fine Shorthand) $10

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