Thank you for taking the time to offer your items. If you have a pen or a collection for sale, please describe each item as clearly as possible; if you do not know how, follow this link for instructions. If you are sending us photos, please keep them to a reasonable size (our own catalog pictures are mostly under 50K -- that's only one-twentieth of a megabyte), by cropping out the background and using a resizing app to reduce the file size. Do NOT send photos in compressed form, such as a .zip file – We will delete such files without opening them.

For e-mail, here's the link: .

Our telephone number is +1 401 351 7607

Our mailing address is PO Box 41452, Providence RI 02940-1452 (USA).
For package services such as UPS or FedEx, our street mailing address is 24 Corliss St #41452, Providence RI 02940 (USA).

If you do not hear back from us, please send us another note; e-mail is the best means of reaching us, as we are often out of the shop or at the workbench. Please make sure that the Reply-to address in your mail header is valid!