Please note that we receive a great deal of mail – too much to permit us to answer every individual request for identification, valuation, or repair advice.  In nearly all cases, the answers are already posted in our FAQ pages or our Site FAQ, can be found through our Search and Site Map page, or are readily available in other online resources or in standard reference books.

Please consult these sources first!

If you do have a question that is not addressed elsewhere in the site, make sure to give us as much relevant information as possible.  If you do not know how to describe a pen or pencil, follow this link for instructions.  If you wish to send us an image, please crop out the background and use a resizing app to reduce the file size.  Most of our catalog photos are under 50K, but photos sent straight from cameras or phones are typically 30 to 40 times as large!  Do NOT send photos in compressed form, such as a .zip file – We will delete such files without opening them, along with Word or Excel files sent as attachments.

For e-mail, here's the link:
Telephone is +1 401 351 7607, though we are often out of the shop and will not pick up if at the workbench