Catalog prices do not include shipping.
These rates do not apply to books, which are shipped separately.

We ship worldwide! Our rates are weight-based, with basic insured delivery by First Class in the USA starting at $6 (though some small, inexpensive items, such as replacement seals and sacs, ship for less -- starting at $4). On average, delivery time within the USA will run between two days and a week.

If you need next-business-day or second-business-day delivery within the United States, we recommend Express Mail. In most locations, Express Mail will also be delivered on Saturdays. You can look up Express Mail delivery times for your location here; our shipping zip code is 02940.

Express Mail (EMS) is also our recommended service for shipments outside the USA. Online tracking is not always possible for international packages due to incompatibilities between different countries' postal computer systems, but EMS is fast, reliable, and includes insurance. A signature is also required upon delivery, unless waived.

Another option for deliveries outside of the USA is Priority Mail, less expensive than Express Mail but also slower and less secure. Priority Mail packages are traceable, but generally not trackable in real time (this function is steadily being expanded, though). There are a few countries for which Priority Mail is not available (full USPS list of countries and services here).

For inexpensive items, we also offer economy shipment by First Class International. This service does not include insurance, and is at buyer's risk. We strongly recommend other options for anything worth over $100, and reserve the right to refuse First Class International shipment for orders paid via Paypal. While First Class International sometimes arrives in a matter of days, this cannot be counted upon. To some countries -- Brazil, Italy, and Spain, for example -- such packages often take several weeks to arrive. Some of this delay appears to be due to Customs backlogs, since more expensive classes of mail are given priority. The ability to track First Class International packages is being steadily expanded, but in most cases online tracking stops as soon as a package leaves the USA.

FedEx offers maximum speed and security. Once nearly twice as expensive as Express Mail for international shipments, FedEx now costs only 10-20% more -- $70-90 for a typical package. For the most valuable and irreplaceable items, we recommend FedEx.

Please note that payment of duty or Customs fees and any VAT or local taxes is the responsibility of the purchaser.