What can be done about a scratchy nib?

Although some writers like their nibs to have a bit of "bite", fountain pens should generally write smoothly and without unpleasant scratchiness. Unfortunately, all too many sellers will slap a new sac into a pen and call it restored, even though the nib is close to unusable. Luckily, the nib can usually be salvaged, though bends may have to be removed and the iridium tip reshaped and polished. In some cases, however, the iridium is damaged, severely worn, or porous (usually only seen on pre-'30s nibs), and the nib will have to be retipped – a procedure that in many cases will cost more than a replacement nib. Note that while collectors strongly prefer their pens to carry original nibs, from a functional standpoint there is no reason why an equivalent nib by another maker cannot be substituted.

Unless otherwise noted, all the pens in our catalog carry original nibs. And though it is very time-consuming, we make sure to test each nib for smoothness, making all necessary adjustments before the pen is listed.