Do-it-yourself pen repair

For many collectors, doing their own repairs adds greatly to their enjoyment of collecting.  Although some professional pen repairmen actively discourage amateur pen repairers, we find this attitude unreasonable – not to mention hypocritical, since most professionals active today started out as amateurs not so many years ago.  Indeed, one could well argue that the truly skilled have nothing to fear in the way of lost business, since they generally already have as much work as they can handle.

Sappy though it may sound, we really care about old pens, and so our chief concern is that repairs be done properly and with minimum risk, whoever does the work.  This has been the focus of our articles on pen repair: to help others avoid the many mistakes and pitfalls we’ve found through hard experience.  So please take a look at Pen Repair Don'ts, along with the other articles and recommendations scattered throughout the FAQ, Resources, and Pen Repair pages.