Why do pens need to be reconditioned?

Most parts of a good pen are made to last, but some necessarily need periodic replacement. After the passage of decades, cork and rubber seals may no longer be ink-tight, and rubber ink sacs may either harden or turn soft and porous. Pens that were put away without being properly cleaned may also be full of old ink residue, which may cause irregular ink flow even if the pen isn't entirely clogged. Nibs may also be bent out of shape, and tipping material may have to be polished or even reground, if badly or irregularly worn.

Sometimes you will find an old pen at a flea market or house sale that seems to be in working order, but which writes inconsistently. Very often nothing is fundamentally wrong with the pen -- it just needs proper reconditioning.

When buying a vintage pen to use, it is important to ascertain if it is simply "working", or whether it has been fully and professionally reconditioned. Virtually all the pens we offer are professionally reconditioned to the highest standard and guaranteed ready to write; for more, see our Terms of Sale.