Can my old pen be fixed?

It is no exaggeration to say that any pen can be fixed -- the real question is how much it will cost. As long as there is no damage and there are no missing parts, restoring a pen to functionality is generally straightforward and not expensive; typical costs, depending on the complexity of the mechanism, might run between $25-60.

While there are many part-time repairers and hobbyists, it is a good idea to stick with an experienced full-time repair service. Recommendations and links may be found on our Pen Repair page. Note that very few existing pen companies will work on their older products, and that of those that do, most will send the repairs out to an independent vintage repair service. In some cases your prized old pen may end up being "repaired" using parts of much later vintage, so beware!

Consumer Tip #1: "Lifetime" guarantees are normally held to apply only to the lifetime of the original owner; if you are the original owner, however, you must still proceed with care, as many companies can't repair older models and will simply keep your treasured old pen and send you a new-made pen as a replacement.

Consumer Tip #2: if someone tells you your pen cannot be fixed, and then offers to buy it, get a second opinion.